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  • Name Jean Couvrette
  • Discipline Run, Bicycle and Triathlon
  • Age 46
  • Occupation Business Owner


Jean Couvrette is one of our loyal customers whom we had the chance to see evolve a lot. After an injury after half an Ironman, he spent 2 years without doing any kind of sport.  Not feeling like himself, this marketer decided it was time to get fit again. Jean is always motivated and super enthousiast. We love having him around.


Jean showed a lot of endurance, mental strength and enthusiasm to get back in shape. He greatly improved his muscular and cardiovascular strength.

Behind the scene

By working with specialists, Jean was able to accelerate his journey to his best shape. His tailor-made workouts are designed to avoid any injuries especially where he once was injured. The personalized support he receives every time he visits P2 allows him to perform at his full potential as quickly as possible.


Maxim Lapierre