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  • Name Maxim Lapierre
  • Discipline Hockey
  • Age 33
  • Occupation Professional athlete


Maxim is a professional hockey player from Saint-Léonard. After playing in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, he was drafted in 2003 to play for the Montreal Canadiens. It was at this time that he began training Scott Livingston, one of the P2 owners, but most importantly a certified athletic therapist and a strength and conditioning specialist. At this day, Maxim is still followed by Scott.


Since his stint in the Montreal Canadiens, Maxim is well known in Quebec. After all, he played 293 times with the Canadiens on his 614 games played in the NHL. The fans have always loved his energy and his passion.Today, he is just as proud to wear the colors of Switzerland. Today, he is just as proud to have played in the Olympics representing Canada and to to wear the colors of Switzerland in the Swiss league.

  • 2018Bronze medalist with the Canadian team at the PyeongChang Olympics
  • 2015-2017Player of the Lugano team in the National league Switzerland
  • 2003-2010Player of the Montreal Canadiens
  • 2001-03Player in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League

Behind the scene

Maxim takes advantage of the maximum of P2. Through personalized training, massage therapy, physiotherapy and Powerwatts classes, we offer everything to make him perform to is full potential. His training program has been created by Scott for more than a decade. It is constantly evolving, while maintaining the foundation that has led to him success.


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